90 DAY


We'll cover essential topics in rapid succession for all the critical analyses that a modern technology startup needs today, including:


  • Business Model / Lean Canvas
  • Customer Discovery and Problem Validation
  • Customer Journey Mapping, Persona, User Stories
  • Marketing Positioning and Product Pricing
  • Product Vision and Roadmaps
  • Technology - Product Roadmap and MVP development
  • Technical Project Mangement - People, Processes, Tools
  • Managing Jira, Daily Standups, and Backlogs
  • Dev, Test and Production System Software Planning
  • Pre-Launch Testing and Marketing Activities 
  • Customer Onboarding during Beta
  • Customer Support and Feedback Processes

For a fixed fee starting  at $5k (depending on the scope) we'll work as fast as we can over video and Slack to work through these critical topics. It's like being in a mini startup accelerator to keep you on track to launch!

90 Days




Don't waste your time and money.  Do yourself a favor and as a startup save yourself a lot of future time and money by making wise decisions now. Whether you choose to use a coach or do these analyses yourself, you need to work through these items to ensure you are working smart.  I can give you my wisdom and counsel to help you accelerate through this faster.


It's good to have a person to talk to.  As your mentor and coach, it can be immensely helpful when working through a startups phases to have someone to bounce ideas off - and to call you on decisions that you might be doing.   My goal is to help you be successful and I'll often be your devil's advocate to make sure you are making good decisions.


Save yourself the theory and allow yourself to focus.  I encourage you to review, read and practice the various elements that we do in the program but depending on how busy you are you might want the express version, right?  As we work together I will keep you pointed on the highlights and you won't get into the weeds that slow execution down.  Plus, I've done this a few times so you'll benefit from experience!


Innovative thinking helps.  As you can tell from my site, I enjoy working with startups, and I've done a few myself over the years.  I do consider myself a creative thinker, and have a broad range of knowledge covering strategy, technology, product, marketing and sales. I can wear many different hats for you to help solve issues as you grow your company that will help you to scale quickly.