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It can be hard managing technology or software developers, which can cause a project to fall behind.  You need to have a good understanding of technology, be skilled in both project and product management, and have a little bit of empathy too!  This is where Technical Project Management comes in.


I can provide that interim technical project management/CTO role that a startup team needs to keep things moving along smoothly. Let's get that task plan sorted out and get your product development project back on track!  I'm also a mentor on the Clean Tech Open accelerator program, and a TopTal certified product management consultant, so you will be in good hands whatever you are developing or creating.


Let's manage your product roadmap and keep you on track. From one hour a week to more we can agree a budget that fits.


development team with technical project manager

F.A.Q. Technical Project Manager


A technical project manager helps to coordinate technical development activities.  In the case of software development, the technical project manager can take on a number of roles depending on the size and maturity of the team.  The key function is to ensure that the goals timeline from the business (from the product owner) are understood and communicated to the team in terms of development phases / cycles.  


We use Scrum and Agile - are you able to help?  Yes, I am fully conversant in many software development philosophies and practices.  Very often we'll use a task management tool, like the popular Jira, to manage the development cycles (epics) and tasks (issues).  I've had my fair share of using and integrating Jira into other systems to help manage the high level roadmap and the lower level development activities. 


Are you a technical project manager or product manager?  Truth be told, a bit of both, and that's the way I like it actually.  In a small startup, roles are fluid and flexibility is key.  There is a lot of work to do in both of these areas and they do overlap.  As a startup grows you will find and recruit people to take over these roles.  If you are already there I can come in to review what's going on, suggest improvements, and help as needed.


How do you price your services?  It is normally by hour/month or, in special cases, a mix of payment in money and equity.  We can discuss your situation and see what might work.   As a founder myself, I know that it is sometimes when you need the help the most that the budget is not there.  Please don't hesitate to contact me - if the opportunity is right I'm sure we can find a path to work together in the spirit of entrepreneurship!